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3G3DL is a company whose mission is to provide a variety of custom 3D Printing and Laser Engraving services.

We specialize in turning your photos into laser-engraved plaques, coasters, refrigerator magnets, buttons and more.
Think of turning your special memories such as wedding photos, graduation pictures, pet photos, class pictures and so on into beautifully engraved wooden plaques. We have access to a wide variety of digital frames to engrave around your photos, or we can custom design one for you for an extra fee.

We also can design custom logos, and novelty items such as our TUIT family of plaques and disks, which are often given as presents to prospective customers by businesses.

We also custom design and 3D print items such as fidget spinners, organic candle holders and replacement parts. We are able to scan and 3D print busts, sport teams and much more.
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