How this works:

  • You contact us at the email or phone number below to tell us what you'd like
  • We reply to coordinate with you to obtain a photo. Higher resolution photos result in higher quality engraved images
  • We coordinate with you on details such as the type and size of the materials you'd like us to engrave, and details such as whether we need to remove the background, etc.
  • We perform the engraving and send you photos of the final result.
  • Once you are happy with the result, we arrange payment and shipping.
Contact Information:
3G3DL Sales
106 Hillcrest Dr
Knoxville, TN 37918
865-689-1095 or

Plaque Examples

Scroll through the pages in this book to see
some examples of original photos
we've turned into engraved plaques

(Pricing is shown inside the book)

These are our standard wooden plaque sizes.

We can also do engraving on custom sized materials.
Contact us for more information.

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1 - Corner Plaque (7.25 x 5.125 in., 13.02 x 18.42 cm)
2 - Rectangle Plaque (7.25 x 5.125 in., 13.02 x 18.42 cm)
3 - Large Framed Plaque (Engraving area: 8 x 11 in., 20.0 x 28.0 cm)
4 - Oval Plaque (7.25 x 5 in., 18.42 x 12.7 cm)
5 - Round Plaque (7 in., 17.78 cm)

Photo-Engraved Plaque PRICE LIST
as of 04 April, 2019

Note: Prices do not include shipping
  • For Circle Plaques, Oval Plaques, 5.125x7.25 Rectangle and Corner Plaques:

    $25 per plaque
  • For large 11 x 8 in. (280 x 200 mm) Rectangle Plaques: $60 per plaque
  • Prices include removing background and optionally adding one of our stock digital frames.
  • $25/hr for extra photo editing.
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Tbone - favorite vistor at assisted living facility

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Our beloved dog Scout

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Boda's first Valentines Day

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Mom and daughters on a special occasion

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Holiday in Germany

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We added a 3G3DL-designed frame for this plaque
and engraved the names of these two sweet pups.

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This beautiful tarantula was photographed on a driveway in Tucson, Arizona

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Legion was a rescue dog that loved everyone,
and was loved by all who met her.

Here we have engraved her image
on a refrigerator magnet.

Thank you for checking us out!

Please contact us if we can help you turn your photo memories into lifelong treasures.

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Novelty Examples

Scroll through the pages in this book to see some
laser-engraved novelties that we've created.

These can be customized to give as gifts,
sales promotions,or other events.

(Pricing is shown inside the book)

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Note: Prices do not include shipping
7-in TUITs
$8.50 for stock frames and images.
Pricing for customized frames and/or images
depends on complexity and volume.
35mm and 50-mm TUITs
$.75 each or 5 for $3
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We have several different frame styles, or we can design one for you.
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This is our popular 7-inch TUIT with a Celtic frame.

"One of these days
I really will do it.
I'll do it as soon as I
get a Round Tuit

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Here's one with a desert theme
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Our pocket sized TUITs come in 2 sizes -
50mm (2 in.) and 35mm (1.25 in)
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These 50mm pocket-sized TUITs are a great promotional item for businesses to give to prospective customers.

We can customize these to engrave your logo or other custom images on either side

Thank you for checking us out!

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